Affiliate Marketing Services

We at Indiagolive specialize in providing best affiliate program Services that calls upon the attention of your possible affiliates, which in turn boosts the sales and lead generation. If you are planning to add an affiliate plan to your web portal, our affiliate management service gives right assistance towards building your affiliate plan with chosen networks. In case the affiliate plan is previously active and live, we analyze it carefully to make sure it is capable integrated to get noticed through the popular affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing – Meaning and Significance

Affiliate marketing is intenet promoting that lets any online business to associate themselves with the owners of the website with the help of affiliate programs. Affiliates earn money through generating sales, traffic, and lead for the Merchants business. People who sell services and goods online or look for other affiliate business activity usually use one of the affiliate plan commission fee models below:

• Cost Per Lead (CPL)

A visitor is known as an Affiliate after completing a form on the Merchants web portal. The structure of the payment is known as cost per lead (CPL).

• Cost Per Sale (CPA)

A visitor known as an Affiliate buy goods and services directly from the Merchant. The structure of the payment is referred to as – cost per acquisition (CPA) or even cost per sale.

• Cost Per Click (CPC)

When a visitor to the Affiliates web portal clicks on a banner of the Merchant’s and visits the website of the Merchant. This payment arrangement is known as cost per click (CPC).

Our Affiliate Marketing Services in India

• Formation of affiliate page on site

• Set up the affiliate list in ShareASale – the 10 steps procedure

• Auto reply emails, adding program bio.

• Settle down the tracking code pixel

• Uploading text links and banners

• Employ new affiliates through unrefined search and ShareASale connect aquarium

• Check and forbid affiliates from endorsing your product name keywords

• Write comfortable for program bio, affiliate welcoming, affiliate invitation email,

• Weekly and monthly reports in development of affiliate plans.


With our resourceful strategy, you will have an extensive spread chain of links, which will boost your brand attendance on the digital platform in a way that you get utmost attention from clients and a loyal customer base with an amplified inflow of income. Contact us now!

Online marketing is referred as the key business tool for businesses now as it allows them to bind the power of the web to take their online business direct to the next level. It assists them to gain boost traffic, visibility, and even engage users so that they get changed into clients


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